Monday, May 24, 2010


I am getting into making cakes these days.  I took a cake decorating class at Michaels last year, and have since taken two more.  It's fun to learn new things about cake decorating and then trying it out myself.  So I'm adding my cakes to my photography blog, it falls under the creative type heading I think.

Here are the cakes that I've made so far. 

We'll start at the beginning of my cake career. 
My first cake from my class. 

I made this cake for my parents in laws going away trip to Africa
This cake was made with left over colors from my previous cake class.  I really love how it turned out though, the colors are so cute. 
This was my final cake from my first cake class.  We learned the rose.
I made this cake for the last super bowl, in case you couldn't tell.
The next class I took was a fondant class.  This was my first try at fondant and buttercream.  I didn't really have an occasion for this cake but I just wanted to practice.
Here's my final fondant cake
I made these cupcakes so I could practice some of the new buttercream techniques that I learned
This is my most recent fondant cake for class, I really like this one.
I just finished this cake for a friend of mine's nephew.  I've never done a theme cake before.  I like most of this cake, but it's a little uneven.  Ah well, practice makes perfect. 

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